Friday, January 21, 2011

I want to sell something

But what?????

I've been thinking about it for days.

1) Homemade Food - I can't really cook and I can't commit to cooking, even I haven't had a homecooked meals for days. Let alone to cook for some else.

2) Someone else made food - but what? Someone wants me to sell something? better something that has a high profit margin, I won't settle for anything less than RM100 profit per item. Haha.

3) Books - I don't know who to sell them to. and where to get cheap books.

4) Pearls - Ella volunteered to check it out in Labuan. But then again, who should I sell it to? And I don't think it's a good business.

5) Clothes - I'm not fashionista like Noreen. So, I probably won't know what's good. Besides, I would need a model to model the clothes. And money to buy it. And a place to buy it cheap. Damn!

6) ??????

I envy the people that has a business, like my bestie Yani. She has an online store selling baby clothes and she's doing it so well!! She even appeared in TV and in newspapers. I guess I just don't have a business bone in me. :(

Oh well, if you guys have aaaany ideas at all what to sell, pleasee let me know. I want to sell something! Anything!

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