Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love the way you lie part 2

There is a part 2!

I love "Love the way you lie", the one that is supposedly to be part 1, the one with a lot more rapping from Eminem. Now, they came up with part 2 and I love it too! But I don't think it's getting as much hit as part 1. But I like the lyrics and the music (it's pretty much the same music) and there's Eminem too. So, what's not to like?

Did you know according to Wikipedia, the music video for "Love the way you lie" was such a phenomenon and it broke the You Tube's most watch in 24 hours. But I don't think it is that good. I for one hate that they use Megan Fox, for two reasons:

1) It's weird when you know someone in a music video other than singer themselves.
2) I just hate Megan Fox. I don't think she's pretty or sexy or any other stuff that guys talked about her. And I think she's such a fake and lack of personality and should never appear in any movies. about hating a celebrity.

Anyway, I was never really a big fan of Eminem. I think he was cute but I don't know much of his song. But this one make me googled him and found out that he was in an abusive relationship, with Kim, his ex wife. Then, I went on reading about him. About his other songs, affair and such. Guess what I found out? Eminem used to date Mariah Carey!

Okay, maybe it wasn't such a big news since it was old news. But it is very much new to me and I just can't believe it. I mean, Mariah & Eminem. It just doesn't make sense! I for one cannot understand how Eminem can like Mariah. She's such a Diva and he's just.. not. Not that being Diva is cool. I don't like Mariah either.

I mean, look at them. They look so wrong! so wrong! Anyway, I found out that it was quite a big thing, about their affair. It was out in the open, they wrote about it in their songs. It seems that Mariah did not admit of the existence of the affair but Eminem said he had proves (all this said in several songs) and Mariah kept quiet at last. Did you know that the song "Obsessed" by Mariah was written for Eminem? She said Eminem was obsessed with her? What a screw up world we are living in today. sigh.

Speaking of Mariah, I'm now being reminded of my old boss. We used to go outstation together, and he would put on Mariah Carey's music videos and he cannot stop talking about her! The way she moves her body, the way they don't really have to move in order to look sexy and the way she moves her butt. And I have to endure 3 hours of that: watching and listening. Oh those good old days. not.

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