Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The friendly Bacteria that I have Love/Hate Relationship with

Have anyone ever told you that whenever you have cold or fever and the doctors gave you paracetamol/ panadol that it won't actually cure you?

When you were a kid maybe?

Well, someone did told me that. So, for quite sometime I believed it and spread it around to all my friends at school how we shouldn't take the medicine and the doctors are trying to make money out of it. I was told that the panadol/ paracetamol is actually a type of pain killer and it really does nothing to your fever except that it will keep you drugged to make you feel comfortable. Since I have sworn off drug since I was a kid (my dad was diabetic and he took plenty of medicines so he wanted us to stay off drugs as much as we can), my solution is that to take as much as possible of warm water and a proper rest.

Well, that was maybe 5 years ago. Is it true?

Do you know what causes fever? Or what causes your body temperature to go up?

What happens is that when there is a nasty bacteria in your body, your body will try to destroy. This 'destroying' act is actually by increasing your body temperature. While this heat kills/ destroys the bacteria, it also causes discomfort to you. So, it is not wrong for a doctor to give you whatever painkiller it is to make you comfortable. It is just until the war ended and you'll be healthy again. Yeay!

Nevertheless, it is a personal choice whether or not to take the pain killer. But for the past 5 years, my body is not that strong anymore to fight heat naturally. So, I took them painkillers!

Besides, it's different now when you are working. People expect you to be at the office even when your are at your deathbed. Unless your boss allows you to take proper rest at the office, I'll say stuff up on the biogesic or whatnot.

My temperature is now 102.4F and my head feels like someone has stabbed it to pieces. I can't barely walk but I'm still at the office. So, I decided to write a blog.


  1. i think u shouldnt go to the office when ure sick...
    u'll spread the patogens and everybody else will start to get sick!

  2. I know! But nak buat cane?

    Anyways, I dah takde mood nk update blog plak. kadang2 je i ada benda nak tulis. hahahahah.

  3. alar warm warm chicken shit lahhh