Friday, January 14, 2011

On French Food

My boss gave me a bag of cookies just now and I gave one to a colleague of mine. In a mouthful, he said "This is really good. What is it?


Well, not butter actually, it is a butter cookie, but a good, expensive branded one that uses real and plenty of butter. No wonder it's good!


Have you ever watched that movie Julie & Julia?

It is one of my favorite movies. Well, maybe not favorite but I always like a movie about food, err.. well, cooking..

Anyway, I wouldn't have known Julia Child if not because of that movie. Funny how I have never heard of her because I adore French Cooking. I have this one thick French Cook book at home that I love to read. I know we are supposed to "do", not "read" cookbook but the French Cooks are soooo patient with their ingredients, their fresh eggs, and cheese and those perfect measurement that I could never keep up with it to actually cook it.

Believe it or not, of that thick cook book of mine, it contains only a few recipes. What makes it thick? The French goes all their way to elaborate to the very minor detail on how a certain dish needs to be cooked or what kind of pan needed for the crepes and to emphasize that YOU MUST USE FRESH EGG. But that is true with their cooking, it has to be precise or else you will fail. Your angel food cake won't attract the angels. (please note that angel food cake is not of France origin)

I managed to cook one recipe from my French Cookbook, it's a heartshaped cookies with strawberry jam filling. After hours of sweating in the kitchen I managed to filled in less than half of my cookie jar and that was finished by my mother in just a glance. It was a heavenly taste but I just don't feel like making it again.

I love french food. Actually I love food in general but it is just that this is my French food phase. What makes them so great, you say? Butter of course! and plenty of it!

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